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What is Vue Noob all about?

James Sinkala

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Created on February 10, 2022.


Vue Noob as the name entails is a website where Vue.Js beginners can learn about Vue. As we proceed we’ll learn concepts and use several examples of various learning levels.

So, for absolute beginners it is advisable to follow the content chronologically but for familiar developers, you can jump around as you please.

Prerequisites to learning Vue.Js

I would emphasize prior knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for anyone who plans to learn Vue just as it would be with any other front-end web framework.

Here are two reads that can help you get started:

You do not need to be a Guru at any of the three technologies, a hang of them would be enough so that we can go along together.

To make the learning easier, let’s get acquainted to a friend.


Hello, I’m Mr. Noob, Vue Noob. Just as my name entails, I am new to Vue as I would assume you might also be, let’s get on this journey together and try to learn what Vue is all about and create cool stuff while at it.

Wherever you see my green face, you can take note of that important tip, copy or practice that code block.

I’ll also emphasize important Vue concepts.

See you around.

Here’s a code block example:

Try this!
const vueNoob = 'My name is Vue Noob';

module.exports = vueNoob;

Learning Resources

The learning resources, especially the code used inside the posts will be available on the following Github repository.


Vue Noob’s Code Examples Github Repository:

On this public repository you’ll have access to the source code provided in all the examples inside the posts.

For source code placed in isolated repositories their location will be disclosed inside the post.


To get the maximum learning value out of this website, make sure you engage in practical programming, run the code blocks provided inside the posts to see them in action, modify the code trying to intergrate everything you learn so that it sticks. Click here to learn how to do that.


Introduction to the VueJs Framework

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