About Vuenoob

Welcome to Vuenoob, your reliable source of intuitive Vue.js content.
I’m dedicated to giving you the very best of Vue.js learning materials, tutorials, and examples, with an emphasis on beginner and intermediate developers.

I’ve been working with Vue.js since 2017 when I came across it being used as a front-end framework in Laravel. Vuenoob has come a long way, from its beginnings as a simple idea when my passion for content creation which later advanced to posting on DEV drove me to start a dedicated blog for all things Vue.js.

Won’t there be any content for advanced Vue.js devs?

I’ll add that in time. The concepts and tutorials in this blog will enable developers of all levels to understand and use Vue.js to build dynamic web platforms.

Why is Vuenoob free?

I founded Vuenoob for the sole purpose of providing developers who are interested in the progressive JavaScript framework a single avenue of aggregated Vue.js knowledge.

Why free? because that’s how I was able to learn Vue.js, using materials scattered all over the web prepared by other brilliant and generous developers.
I wanted to provide a place where I could also have enjoyed learning Vue.js without having to scour all over the web had I started this journey all over again.

Can I donate to Vuenoob?

As most of you might know, content creation(especially quality content) is a costly activity, both in terms of time and resources, and I’ve been spending more of these two valuable assets without a return so far in Vuenoob(not complaining).
To balance things up, I dedicate most of my time doing other work that generates me some income(a guy has got to eat), in turn using the bit of time squeezed between resting and learning(I still do that too) as the only space dedicated to creating content for this blog.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the work that I’m doing here, but I have to place my needs first.

Now, if you find the resources on here helpful, and would love to help me dedicate more time to this blog and contribute to covering related expenses, care to make a monthly or one-time donation.

So, what’s next?

I’m currently working on a newsletter form(Using some brilliant technologies) so that the likes of you who’d like to receive updates from this blog and other curated Vue.js content can receive that at the comfort of your inboxes.

I might write a tutorial on building such a form using Vue.js and the unnamed tech somewhere in the future.

I’ve created a Discord server for Vuenoob so that I can receive requests and suggestions for content and tutorials you’d like to see here. I will provide an update for when it’s ready for public use and after I’ve got the hang of managing a discord server. Watch @vue_noob for the official announcement.

I hope you enjoy consuming the content produced as much as I enjoy creating it for you.
If you have any questions, comments, or business requests please don’t hesitate to contact me on Vuenoob’s official Twitter.

Follow me on Twitter - @xinnks to be updated on what I’m up to.



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